New bills in Alabama would grant personhood at the ‘moment of fertilization’ | The American Independent


Alabama lawmakers last week introduced three heavily-sponsored bills that in concert would change how a person is defined in the state and potentially make abortion in all circumstances illegal.

Senate Bill 301, introduced by Sen.  Phil Williams (R-Cherokee, Etowah), is a proposal to amend the Alabama Code of 1975 to change the definition of the term “person” to mean : “any human being from the moment of fertilization or the functional equivalent thereof.”

Williams’ bill — read for the first time last Tuesday — has 18 co-sponsors and has been referred to the Senate committee on Health.

Rep. John Merrill (R-Tuscaloosa) filed an identical personhood bill in the House on Thursday, House Bill 405. But taking a step further from just amending the state’s legal code, Merrill also filed House Bill 409, which is a ballot proposal to amend the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, so that every time the word “person” is used in that document it would include “‘all humans from the moment of fertilization.” If HB 409 goes forward, Alabamans would have the opportunity to vote on this amendment either in special election at the end of the year or in 2012.

These bills, which have been referred to the House Health committee, both have 31 co-sponsors, which, according to the attorney Ben DuPré of the Foundation for Moral Law, is “astounding” and a good indication that the laws will pass. DuPré and the national organization Personhood USA helped draft the earlier versions of the legislation, though several anti-aboriton rights groups, such as Alabama Citizens for Life, have backed the bills.

“We must protect all Alabama children,” said Sen. Williams in a Personhood USA statement. “At the same time we have to send a message that Alabamians value the sanctity of life. Every heartbeat is as important as the next.”

I think what they’re trying to say is that personhood ends as soon as you come out female-bodied.


I would also like to add that this bill is crossing a line into a whole new kind of ridiculous. Let’s say hypothetically that this bill passes and now fetuses legally fall under the definition of “person.” This “person” still doesn’t have the right to live off my body against my will. If I needed a lifesaving transplant and the only possible donor didn’t want to undergo the dangerous surgery, no one is going to tell that person, “Too bad, she needs your body in order to live so you’re just going to have to deal with it.” No one can forcibly solicit the usage of another person’s body against that person’s will. So, person to “person,” this bill is a whole new level of male privilege conservative bullshit.

Hey Senator Phil and Rep. John (Female names are often so conspicuously absent from these anti-choice bills. Huh. Strange.), your thinly veiled attempts to circumvent women’s reproductive rights are completely transparent. If the sanctity of life is so important to you, work on keeping your people fed and housed. You make such a big fuss about the fetus but as soon as it’s born you don’t even bother pretending to give a fuck. It’s not about the fetus and it’s never been about the fetus. It’s about exerting control over the only thing you can’t do yourselves. 

Hop off my fucking uterus until you grow one. 

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    Fucking absurd. Although if multinational corporations get to be legal people, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked.
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    except the heart doesn’t form until almost a month after fertilization, and it doesn’t beat another couple of weeks...
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    What the fuck are they doing? What is the point? There are enough humans as it is.
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    What are they going to do about chemical pregnancies and miscarriages? Anyone? I’m waiting for one of these ignorant...
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    *gets out copy of Atwood’s The Handsmaid’s Tale* *starts checking things off*
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    Wait, what the fuck? This is in direct violation of the ruling in Roe v. Wade, which says you cannot define life as...
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    FUCKING HELL. My mother is 42. She is pregnant. I don’t fucking want your legislation over my mother’s life. If somehow...
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    Sorry for all the abortion spam, but I’m pretty much obsessed with abortion and our rights are being fucking slaughtered...
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    ^ What they said
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    "Small Government" means Passing fucking shitloads of laws that are completely impossible to enforce.
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    I’m very curious to know how the hell they’re going to enforce this. We have no way of detecting fertilization. The...
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    If I’m ever pregnant in Alabama, I’m totally driving in the carpool lane all by myself and they can’t do a thing about...
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    ^^^^ I would also like to add that this bill is crossing a line into a whole new kind of ridiculous. Let’s say...
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    Does that mean that they’re going to have to redo the census and start counting fetuses? Does it mean that people will...
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