I think there is still a fear of strong women in this culture, and that is why we are seeing this insidious cultural shift away from many of the strides toward independence and equality that have been made in the past thirty years. I think there is a huge, huge emphasis on looks today that is just completely unrealistic and limits girls. Call me wacky, but I think it’s much healthier and empowering to be able to run or sing or play soccer or do theater or make art or read and think than it is to be able to fit into a size 0.

These limitations are reinforced by our cultures, but we, as women, also play along. And it would be good for us to stop doing that, to stop that relentless comparison and self-flagellation and start enjoying who we are and what we bring to the table. I remember reading a quote somewhere that said, “How much more could women accomplish if they didn’t spend so much time trying to fix themselves?” That really made me stop and think.

I think we need to stop operating as if there is something wrong with us, as if what we have to say needs to be prefaced by “Um” or “I”m sorry” or “This is probably stupid but” or some other words that communicate our lack of faith in our power. Own it, man. It’s all you and it’s all good. And if you find out you’re wrong, well, so what? Own that, too. But I think you first have to get comfortable with the idea that when you go your own way, people may dislike you for it. And you have to be able to tolerate that.


Libba Bray, on societal expectations/limitations of girls in the modern age

I basically worship the ground this woman walks on.

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